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OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
27 April 19:00 Johanneskirken, Bergen
28 April 13:00 Norheimsund kirke, Norheimsund
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
Featuring: OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor Kamerkoor Venus, conductor Krista Audere
Ole Bull Kammerkor, conductor Jon Flydal Blichfeldt
Anne Cathrine Eiken, soprano (in Norheimsund)
Audun Kayser, piano (in Norheimsund)
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
Norwegian premiere of “And I heard a Voice” by Arvo Pärt.
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
What will echo in eternity? What sounds will still be here in a thousand years?
Welcome to a musical meeting that will give you a glimpse of eternity. We present contemporary composers that demand their place in music history through their works – and composers that already throughout decades have proven their imperishability and reflect life and death and eternity through their music.


Kamerkoor Venus, conductor Krista Audere
Ton de Leeuw (1926 – 1996)     OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor Prière
Alphons Diepenbrock (1862 – 1921) Wandrers Nachtlied
Chanson d’Automne
Daan Manneke (*1939) Psalm 121
Rudolf Escher (1912 – 1980) Sonnet, part 3 from “Ciel Air et Vents”
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562 – 1621) Psalm 96: Chantez à Dieu chanson nouvelle
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
Ole Bull Kammerkor, conductor Jon Flydal Blichfeldt
Arvo Pärt (*1935) And I heard a voice (NORWEGIAN PREMIERE)
Bogoroditse Devo
Torbjørn Dyrud (*1974) Lovesong II
Snart kysser hun sin venn i rosenhagen
Folketone, arr. Knut Nystedt (1915 – 2014) Neslandskyrkja
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
Both choirs together:
Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992) O sacrum convivium
Egil Hovland (1924 – 2013) Jerusalem
Knut Nystedt (1915 – 2014) Immortal Bach
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
Anne Cathrine Eiken, soprano and Audun Kayser, piano (in Norheimsund)
Signe Lund (1869-1951) Klungerrose, Op. 21, No 1
Camelia, Op. 46, No 2
Violer, Op. 46, No 4
Roser av mai, Op. 46, No 1
Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949) Morgen! Op. 27, No 4
Die Nacht, Op. 10, No 3
Zueignung, Op. 10, No 1

Further concerts in 2019:

June 15 OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor O16, Concert with repertoire for trip to Italy
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
June 16 O16, Concert with repertoire for trip to Italy
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
August 21 – 26 Trip to Italy
Arezzo, choral competition Polifonico Guido D’Arezzo
OBK - Ole Bull Kammerkor
October O17, Concert with new Norwegian choral music
Premiere of piece by Tord Kalvenes

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