Sopranos: Anlaug Ersland, Anita Merethe Brattaule Frekhaug, Maren Haukaas Myhre, Oda Cecilie Lødrup Carlsen, Åshild Wergeland

Altos:  Anita Magdalena Horn, Maria Sæle, Marta Grygier, Silje Høye Steen, Sylvia Tømmervaag

Tenors:Fredrik Schjerve, Helge Berset, Laila Melkevoll, Øyvind Øyen

Basses: Charles Lindberg, Eirik Waldeland, Elias Blichfeldt Mørk, Hallvard Teigen Lund-Heimark, Ole Stokke Vallestad, Øystein Hellesøe Brekke

Artistic Director

Jon Flydal Blichfeldt is the artistic director, conductor and founder of Ole Bull Chamber Choir. Jon is a trained cellist and choir conductor from the Grieg Academy in Bergen and the University College of Tromsø. He has studied choral conducting with Ragnar Rasmussen, Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo, Magnar Mangersnes, Carl Høgset and Thomas Caplin. Jon is a freelance musician and conducts Ole Bull Chamber Choir, Bergen Mannskor and Osterøykoret. He has previously conducted Mannskoret Arme Riddere, the University of Bergen’s official male choir, and Vokalensemblet Skrik. From 2003 to 2010 he was music advisor at the Norwegian Choral Association’s Hordaland office. In 2011 he received the conductor’s prize during the international choir competition “In… Canto Sul Garda” as conductor for Vokalensemblet Skrik. You can read more about Jon on www.musikant.no(Norwegian text).

Our story

Ole Bull Chamber Choir was founded on 15 January 2015. Ole Bull (1810-1880) was a famous and sought-after violinist. He was not afraid to take artistic risk and was by many considered to be ahead of his time. Even though he is not associated with choral music, Ole Bull was, and still is, a central figure on the Norwegian music scene and his life and career has put its mark on the arts scene in Bergen and the surrounding areas. Just like Ole Bull, the choir’s ambition is to be daring and adventurous and to share high quality musical experiences with audiences both at home and abroad.

The choir has had a busy first few years with many solo concert productions as well as taking part in other choral events in Bergen and abroad. In June 2017, the choir took part in LIACCC, London International Choral Competition, won their qualifying heat, and finished as overall runner-up in the final. The main focus of the choir is presenting a cappella classical and contemporary choir music.

Here is a short overview of our musical activities:


  • O1 – Debut concert
  • O2 – Noël – a french themed christmas concerts, featuring works by Poulenc, Messiaen and Duruflé


  • O3 – works by Arvo Pärt, Knut Nystedt and Edvard Grieg
  • O4 – Summer time – works by: Kalvenes (world premiere), Morley and Elgar
  • O5 – The land of dreams – a choral concert inspired by Whitacre’s ”Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine”
  • O6 – XMAS time – british carols and british choral music


  • O7 – Bach – Jesu, meine Freude (main part of the concert)
  • O8 – The Madrigal – a bouqet of madrigals
  • O9 – novem/neun/nine/neuf/ Nine classic choral works
  • 10 – Norwegian choral works
  • 11– Bach – Jesu, meine Freude (main piece)

Choral competitions:

9-10 October 2015, National Choir Championships, Trondheim
Sacred music, category A plassholder_10x5 89,7 out of 100 points, silver diploma
Secular music, category A+ plassholder_10x5 90,1 out of 100 points, gold diploma
16-19 June 2016, Grieg International Choir Festival
Contemporary music plassholder_10x5 21,6 out of 25 points
Sacred music plassholder_10x5 19,8 out of 25 points
June/July 2017: London International A Cappella Choral Competition
Winners of Heat 4 and Runner up (2nd place) in the finals.


We have a wide ranging repertoire of classical a cappella choral works. We have sung works from the 1500s until present day, even featuring a world premiere of a choral piece.

Works performed by Ole Bull Chamber Choir (in alphabetic order):

Arbeau, Thoinot Belle qui tiens ma vie 2017
Attaginant, Pierre Tourdion 2017
Bach, Johann Sebastian Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227 2017
Beck, Thomas (arrangement) Deilig er jorden 2016
Bennett, Richard Rodney Five Carols 2016
Brahms, Johannes Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen 2015
Britten, Benjamin A hymn to the virgin 2015
Brorson, Hans Adolph, arr. R. Rasmussen Mitt hjerte alltid vanker 2016
Bruckner, Anton Os Justi/Graduale 2015
Busnois, Antonie Noël, noël 2015
Busto, Javier Zutaz 2016
Debussy, Claude Trois Chansons 2015
de Wert, Giaches Peccavi super numerum 2017
Duruflé, Maurice Frå Quatre Motets, No 1 og 2 2015
Elgar, Edward As torrents in summer 2016
Evers, Edvard Jul, jul, strålande jul 2015
Folketone, arr. Knut Nystedt Astri, mi Astri 2015, 2016, 2017
Folketone, arr. Knut Nystedt Neslandskyrkja 2016, 2017
Folketone, arr. Henning Sommerro Bruremarsj frå Valsøyfjord 2016, 2017
Geavert, Francois Les messages des Anges 2015
Gjeilo, Ola (arrangement) God rest you merry, gentlemen 2016
Gjeilo, Ola (arrangement) O come, o come, Emmanuel 2016
Grieg, Edvard Fire salmer 2016, 2017
Grieg, Edvard Til Ole Bull 2016
Grieg, Edvard Våren 2015, 2016, 2017
Holst, Gustav, arr. Ola Gjeilo In the bleak midwinter 2016
Kalvenes, Tord Darkness cannot drive out darkness 2016
Kirkpatrick, W.J., arr. D. Wilcocks Away in a manger, first tune 2016
Kodály, Zoltán Túrot eszik a cigány 2015, 2016
Korsfarersang, arr. Thomas Beck Deilig er jorden 2015
Lotti, Antonio Crucifixus à 8 voci 2015, 2016, 2017
Matre, Ørjan Matre (arrangement) Eit barn er født i Betlehem 2016
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Denn er hat seinen Engeln befohlen 2017
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Richte mich, Gott op, 78 nr 2 2017
Messiaen, Olivier O sacrum convivium 2015
Monteverdi, Claudio Lasciate mi morire! 2017
Monteverdi, Claudio Quel Augelin che canta 2017
Morley, Thomas Now is the month of maying 2017
Morley, Thomas Sing we and chant it 2015, 2016, 2017
Mäntyjärvi, Jaakko Die Stimme des Kindes 2016
Nystedt, Knut (1915–2014) Immortal Bach 2017
Nystedt, Knut Peace I leave with you 2015, 2016, 2017
Nystedt, Knut O Crux 2015, 2016
Palestrina, Giovann Perluigi da Si ignoras te 2017
Passereau, Pierre Il est bel et bon 2016, 2017
Poulenc, Francis Quatre Motets pour le temps de Noël 2015
Purcell, Henry In these delightful, pleasant groves 2017
Pärt, Arvo Magnificat 2016
Pärt, Arvo Virgencita 2016, 2017
Pärt, Arvo Which was the son of… 2016, 2017
Seiber, Matyas There was an old man in a tree 2016
Świder, Józef Pater Noster 2015
Sigurbjörnsson, Thorkell Heyr himna smiður 2015
Stanford, Charles Villiers Beati quorum via 2016
Trad. 15th Century Coventry Carol 2016
Whitacre, Eric A boy and a girl 2016
Whitacre, Eric Leonardo dreams of his flying machine 2016, 2017
Whitacre, Eric This marriage 2016
Wikander, David Kung Liljekonvalje 2016