Ole Bull Chamber Choir is choir with a passion for classical music. We have a wide ranging repertoire of classical a cappella choral works. We have sung works from the 1500s until present day, also featuring world premieres of choral pieces. The choir consists of singers from the city of Bergen and the surrounding areas west in Norway. Our conductor and artistic director is Jon Flydal Blichfeldt.


Sopranos: Hilde Marie Torgauten, Hilde Udjus Frorud, Ingeborg Ekeland, Johanne Mohn Mørch, Karianne Fiske, Kristine Elisabeth Helgheim

Altos: Anita Magdalena Horn, Hannah Sofie Knoop, Maria Sæle, Marta Grygier, Noémi Fournier, Silje Høye Steen, Sylvia Tømmervaag

Tenors: Fredrik Lauritzen, Hallvard Riikoja-Lid, Laila Melkevoll, Kjetil Hansen Skåra, Magnus Stenroos, Rúben Carvalho, Svein Fjermestad, Yannick Seif

Basses: Geir Olav Rød, Hallvard T. Lund-Heimark, Helge Berset, Ingmar Aarsland Forsberg, James Taylor, Tarjei Skeie, Torbjørn Grønn, Øystein Hellesøe Brekke

Artistic Director

Jon Flydal Blichfeldt is the artistic director, conductor and founder of Ole Bull Chamber Choir. Jon is a trained cellist and choir conductor from the Grieg Academy in Bergen and the University College of Tromsø. He has studied choral conducting with Ragnar Rasmussen, Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo, Magnar Mangersnes, Carl Høgset and Thomas Caplin. Jon is a freelance musician and conducts Ole Bull Chamber Choir, Bergen Mannskor and Osterøykoret. From 2003 to 2010 he was music advisor at the Norwegian Choral Association’s Hordaland office.
With several of his choirs he has accomplished good results in competitions:

  • 2011, at “In… Canto Sul Garda, Italy: the conductor’s prize for conducting Vokalensemblet Skrik
  • 2012, Syng For Oss (Norwegian competition): winner of the Grand Prix with Vokalensemblet Skrik
  • 2014 and 2016, Syng For Oss (Norwegian competition): winner of the category “mixed choirs” with Osterøykoret
  • 2017, London International Choral Competition: heat winner and Runner up (2nd place) in the finals with Ole Bull Chamber Choir.
  • 2020, Syng For Oss (Norwegian competition): awarded with the adjudicators prize with Bergen Male Choir
  • 2022, P.E.A.C.E award in the Cork International Choral Festival, Ireland with Ole Bull Chamber Choir
  • 2023, Syng For Oss (Norwegian competition): awarded “best sacred program” with Bergen Male Choir

You can read more about Jon on www.musikant.no (Norwegian text).

Our story

Ole Bull Chamber Choir was founded on 15 January 2015.

Snart klare til debutkonserten i Knarvik kyrkje, 2015. Foto: Heidi J. Mongstad.
Last preperations for the concert debut in Knarvik Church in 2015.
Photograph: Heidi J. Mongstad

The choir consists of well trained amateur singers with a common purpose: To explore the world of beautiful classical choral music. Concerts are held in Bergen and surroundings, and every once in a while we travel abroad for choral competitions and concerts.

Why Ole Bull Chamber Choir?

Ole Bull (1810-1880) was a famous and sought-after violinist. He was not afraid to take artistic risk and was by many considered to be ahead of his time. Even though he is not associated with choral music, Ole Bull was, and still is, a central figure on the Norwegian music scene and his life and career has put its mark on the arts scene in Bergen and the surrounding areas. Just like Ole Bull, the choir’s ambition is to be daring and adventurous and to share high quality musical experiences with audiences both at home and abroad.

The choir has had a busy first five years with many solo concert productions as well as taking part in other choral events in Bergen and abroad. In June 2017, the choir took part in LIACCC, London International Choral Competition, won their qualifying heat, and finished as overall runner-up in the final. The main focus of the choir is presenting a cappella classical and contemporary choir music.

Overview of our musical activities


  • O1 – Debut concert
  • O2 – Noël – a French themed Christmas concert, featuring works by Poulenc, Messiaen and Duruflé


  • O3 – works by Arvo Pärt, Knut Nystedt and Edvard Grieg
  • O4 – Summer time– works by: Kalvenes (world premiere), Morley and Elgar
  • O5 – The land of dreams – a choral concert inspired by Whitacre’s ”Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine”
  • O6 – XMAS time – British carols and British choral music


  • O7 – Bach –Jesu, meine Freude (main part of the concert)
  • O8 – The Madrigal–a bouqet of madrigals
  • O9 – novem/neun/nine/neuf/ – Nine classic choral works
  • O10 – Norwegian choral works
  • O11 – Bach – Jesu, meine Freude (main piece, with baroque bassoon and organ)
  • O12 – West meets East, music from the Russian Orthodox Church and Norwegian Christmas carols


  • O13 – Mass for double choir by Frank Martin with Aurum Chamber Choir, Concerts in Trondheim and Bergen
  • Concert as part of the the Maria Church Festival 2018
  • Joseph Haydn: Missa in tempore belli, collaboration with Bergen Cathedral Choir and Bergen Filharmonic Orchestra
  • O14 – Stille Nacht, classical German and Norwegian Christmas Music


  • O15 – Klang av evighet / Klank der eeuwigheid with Kamerkoor Venus from Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Anne Cathrine Eiken (soprano)
  • O16 – Into the golden sun – a presentation of competition repertoire
  • Requiem by Luigi Cherubini, collaboration with Bergen Cathedral Choir and Bergen Filharmonic Orchestra
  • O17 – Den søte juletid – Christmas music from a variety of countries


  • Den dag kjem aldri – recording during lock down in time of the pandemic
  • O18 – 5 years anniversary concert, streamed


  • O19 – Norwegian folk songs
  • O20 – Arvo Pärt
  • O21 – Adventskonsert – traditional Christmas Carols


  • O22 – Lat sola skina – Tour repertoire for Cork International Choral Festival/Fleischmann International Trophy Award
  • O23 – Requiem by Gabriel Faure 
  • O24 – Yuletide – Christmas Carols 


  • O25 – I shall dance til’ the moutain crumbles
    Tour in the western part of Norway
  • O26 – Nordlys/Northern Lights, friendship concert with Magnum Chorum, Minnesota, USA
  • O27 – Seil i mørke, lille jord, a concert inspired by the planets, the moon and the urge of exploration. Performed in cooperation with visual artist Birk Nygaard
  • O28 – Adventskonsert, classical Christmas Carols

Choral competitions

9-10 October 2015, National Choir Championships, Trondheim

Sacred music, category A: 89,7 out of 100 points, silver diploma
Secular music, category A: 90,1 out of 100 points, gold diploma

16-19 June 2016, Grieg International Choir Festival

Contemporary music: 21,6 out of 25 points
Sacred music: 19,8 out of 25 points

June/July 2017, London International A Cappella Choral Competition

Winners of Heat 4 and Runner up (2nd place) in the finals.

August 2019, Concorso Polifonico Guido d’Arezzo

Participation in four competition categories

April-May 2022: Fleischmann International Trophy Award, Cork, Ireland

Winner of the P.E.A.C.E. Trophy

Arvo Pärt 2021
Arvo Pärt (2021)


We have a wide ranging repertoire of classical a cappella choral works. We have sung works from the 1500s until present day, even featuring a world premiere of a choral piece. The list below represents an overview over all works we have sung since the choir was founded in 2015.

Works performed by Ole Bull Chamber Choir
(in alphabetical order):

Allegri, GregorioMiserere, mei Deus
Arbeau, ThoinotBelle qui tiens ma vie
Attaginant, PierreTourdion
Bach, Johann SebastianIch steh an deiner Krippen hier
Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227
Beck, ThomasSæle jolekveld!
Bennett, Richard RodneyFive Carols
Berge, HåkonNo stig vår song
Bjørklund, TerjeAve Regina
Brahms, JohannesWarum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen
Britten, BenjaminA hymn to the virgin
Bruckner, AntonOs Justi/Graduale
Busnois, AntonieNoël, noël
Busto, JavierZutaz
Cherubini, LuigiRequiem
Dahl, A. FasmerJulesang (Nu vandrer fra…)
de Wert, GiachesPeccavi super numerum
Debussy, ClaudeTrois Chansons
di Lasso, OrlandoSurgens Jesus
Distler, HugoIch brach drei dürre Reiselein
Duruflé, MauriceQuatre Motets, No. 1 and 2
Dyrud, TorbjørnLovesong II
Snart kysser hun sin venn i rosenhagen
Elgar, EdwardAs torrents in summer
Ēriks EšenvaldsStars
Evers, EdvardJul, jul, strålande jul
Fauré, GabrielRequiem
Ferrario, PietroUbi caritas
Folk song, NorwayUventa brudlaupssjau
Folk song, Norway, arr. Ivar Krogh HovdSulla lulla
Folk song, NorwaySulli lulli
Folk song, Norway, arr. E. HovlandNo koma Guds englar
Folk song, Norway, arr. E. HovlandKling no, klokka (damekor)
Folk song, Norway, arr. Frank HavrøyBysjan, bysjan lite bån
Folk song, Norway, arr. Grete PedersenNed i vester soli glader
Folk song, Norway, arr. Henning SommerroBruremarsj frå Valsøyfjord
Folk song, Norway, arr. Henning SommerroEt lite barn så lystelig (Julverset)
Folk song, Norway, arr. Henrik ØdegaardKrist stod op af Døde
Folk song, Norway, arr. Jens Bugge OlsenBendik og Årolilja (equal voices9
Folk song, Norway, arr. Klaus EggeDen dag kjem aldri at eg deg gløymer
Folk song, Norway, arr. Knut NystedtAstri, mi Astri
Folk song, Norway, arr. Magnar ÅmEg veit i himmerik ei borg
Folketone, Norway, arr. Martin Steinum BrunDen fagraste rosa
Folk song, Norway, arr. Per IndrehusBånsull fra Østerdalen
Folk song, Norway, arr. Ørjan MatreBestelanden
Eit barn er født i Betlehem
Folk song, France, arr. Charles WoodDing dong merrily on high
Folk song, France, arr. Reginald JacquesAway in a manger, second tune
Folk song, Ireland, arr. John RutterWexford carol
Folk song, Iceland, arr. Jón ÁsgeirssonHátið fer að höndum ein
Folk song, Italy, arr. Jens Bugge OlsenO sanctissima
Folk song, Portugal, arr. Eurico CarraposotoÓ meu menino
Folk song, RussianVzgljani siuda
Folk song, Sweden, arr. Margareta JalkéusBereden väg för Herran
Folk song, Sweden arr. R. RasmussenMitt hjerte alltid vanker
Folk song, Germany, arr. Raphael, GüntherMaria durch ein Dornwald ging
Folk song, Ukraina, arr. S. BurnbyCarol of the Bells
Førde, Jan MagneBruremarsj
Geavert, FrancoisLes messages des Anges
Gjeilo, OlaGod rest you merry, gentlemen
Northern Lights
O come, o come, Emmanuel
Ubi caritas
Grieg, EdvardFire salmer
Sang til juletræet (equal voices)
Til Ole Bull
Gruber, Franz XaverStille Nacht
Hammerschmidt, AndreasMachet die Tore weit
Haydn, JosephMissa in tempore belli (Paukemesse)
Hoff, Trygve, arr. E. FagertunNordnorsk julesalme (male choir)
Holst, Gustav, arr. Ola GjeiloIn the bleak midwinter
Hovland, EgilJerusalem
Händel, Georg FriedrichTochter Zion
Jugenheimer Liederblatt, arr. Thomas BeckGammel Maria-vise
Kalvenes, TordDarkness cannot drive out darkness
Kirkpatrick, W.J., arr. D. WilcocksAway in a manger, first tune
Kodály, ZoltánTúrot eszik a cigány
Korsfarersang, arr. Thomas BeckDeilig er jorden
Kverno, Trond H. F.Ave Maris Stella
Kverno, Trond H. F., arr.I denne søte juletid
Larsen, GjermundSolbønn
Lindberg, NilsShall I Compare Thee
Lotti, AntonioCrucifixus à 8 voci
Martin, FrankMass for Double Choir
Melody from Einsiedeln conventFolkefrelsar til oss kom
Melody from Wittenberg, arr. F. ValenEg synger jolekvad
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, FelixDenn er hat seinen Engeln befohlen
Richte mich, Gott op. 78 nr. 2
Messiaen, OlivierO sacrum convivium
Monteverdi, ClaudioLasciate mi morire!
Quel Augelin che canta
Morley, ThomasNow is the month of maying
Sing we and chant it
Mäntyjärvi, JaakkoDie Stimme des Kindes
Märak, Johan/Sandström, Jan Biegga Luohte (Joik for the mountain wind)
Nystedt, KnutImmortal Bach
Mary’s Song (equal voices)
O Crux
Peace I leave with you
Palestrina, Giovanni Perluigi daSi ignoras te
Passereau, PierreIl est bel et bon
Peacock, AdrianVeni, Gaudete!
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre Motets pour le temps de Noël
Praetorius, Michael, arr. Jan SandströmEs ist ein Ros entsprungen
Purcell, HenryIn these delightful, pleasant groves
Pärt, ArvoAnd I heard a voice…
Bogoroditse devo
Morning Star
Salve Regina
The Beatitudes
The Deer’s Cry
Which was the son of…
Zwei slawische Psalmen, Psalm 117
Zwei slawische Psalmen, Psalm 131
Rakhmaninov, SergejBlazjen muzj, op. 37 nr. 3
Bogoroditse devo, op. 37 nr. 6
Reger, Max, arr.Es kommt ein Schiff geladen
O, Jesulein süss
Rehnqvist, KarinVar inte rädd för mörkret (equal voices)
Rheinberger, JosefAnima nostra
Rød, Geir OlavEventide
Schjerve, FredrikExaudi Orationem Meam
Seiber, MatyasThere was an old man in a tree
Skuķe, EvijaMēness vokalīze (Moon Vocalise)
Sommerro, HenningDen fattige Gud
Vente, vente
Świder, JózefPater Noster
Sigurbjörnsson, ThorkellHeyr himna smiður
Stanford, Charles VilliersBeati quorum via
Tigrini, OrazioCantai un tempo, e se fu dolce il canto
Tsjesnokov, PavelPresvjataja bogoroditse, op. 43 nr. 1
Spasenije sodelal, op. 25 nr. 5
Trad. 15th centuryCoventry Carol
Trad. 13th century, arr. M. PraetoriusIn dulci jubilo
Trad liturgical, arr. Jacques CohenGaudete!
Vulpius, Melchior, arr. M. PraetoriusCoventry Carol
Wenæs, Irene AdolfsenDomine Deus
Whitacre, EricA boy and a girl
Leonardo dreams of his flying machine
Lux Aurumque
This marriage
Wikander, DavidKung Liljekonvalje